EcoGOLD – rewards unlike any other

You have just 59 days left to enrol

Welcome to this exciting addition to our Advocate Rewards Program.
We are committed to helping you earn as many EcoGOLD Rewards as you can. These include;

A home and land package worth $1,000,000 AUD
An EV worth $100,000 AUD
Solar panel systems, home battery systems, 100% of your EcoGOLD Training Program reimbursed, and more!

Before you can participate you need to enrol in the EcoGOLD Program.

This is a time limited offer. Should you not enrol in the 90-day period, you will never be offered EcoGOLD Program again.

Enrol in the EcoGOLD Program Here

EcoGOLD Exclusive Events

Each month EcoForce holds exclusive EcoGOLD events in person and online for our EcoGOLD qualified participating Advocates.

The following dates have been set. Venues and Online participation options will be emailed to EcoGOLD participating Advocates


January 8th
February 12th
March 12th
April 9th
May 14th
June 11th
July 9th
Augiust 13th
September 10th
October 8th
November 12th
December 10th


January 14th



EcoForce will reward you the house and land combination at One Million AUD. If you wish to use the funds to buy a second house or holiday house the choice is yours. The house could also be purchased or built anywhere in the world. The prize value must be spent on one property.

Yes! All Advocates continue to be an Advocate for EcoForce Global forever and can access the rewards possible from the Advocate Rewards Program regardless should they enrol in the EcoGOLD program or not. Any Advocate you introduce who wants to earn the Million-Dollar House or other EcoGOLD Rewards, you will receive a commission per tree for every tree sold within your organisation to 8 levels of referrals.

Yes! We intend to run the EcoGOLD program indefinitely for all Advocates as a once in a lifetime offer and opportunity. The EcoGOLD program is not compulsory, however is only offered once. Every Advocate has 90 Days from their date of registration to prepare and save for the investment, should they choose to enrol in the EcoGOLD program.

All trees sold through your organisation from the date you register as an EcoForce Advocate accumulate towards your qualification for the EcoGOLD bonus levels.

We suggest that as soon as you can, line up the house and / or vehicle you are interested in. We suggest that you get pictures/brochures of each and add to your Dream Board (refer to your EcoMastery Success Program, Nourish Module 5.2 Your Goals and Dreams). We also suggest researching building times and car pre order requirements.

No rewards can be taken as cash and are not transferable.

Should an Advocate not reside in Australia, the reward will be converted from AUD to the Advocate’s local currency.

To maintain eligibility for the EcoGOLD Program and access the Rewards, participating Advocates agree to attend each EcoGOLD monthly event. Exceptions may be granted due to hospitalisation or ill health, supported with appropriate medical certificates, and will be at the discretion of EcoForce Global. Participating Advocates are encouraged to focus on consistency and commit to participation.

No, you only qualify for the level you have attained for the duration of your EcoGOLD Program enrolment of 12 months. There is no pro rata towards the next level. However, all Advocates will continue to receive any eligible rewards from the Advocate Rewards Program that they have achieved which is ongoing.

No, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. All EcoForce Global Advocates have a full 90 days from the date of the Advocate registration to decide if they would like to enrol and participate in the EcoGOLD Program. Should the Advocate not enrol in the EcoGOLD Program and their 90 day period has expired, this will not be offered again to the Advocate.

No, all EcoForce Global Advocates have 90 days from the date they register to decide if they would like to enrol in the one-time offer and participate in the EcoGOLD Program.

Yes, all Advocates who have enrolled in the EcoGOLD Program must continue to meet all Rewards Program requirements to receive any EcoGOLD Rewards.