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Farmer Co Ops become affiliates

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EcoForce Global announces a new partnership opportunity with farmer collectives around the world through an extension of its affiliate program.

As of September 20, Farmer Co Operatives can now join EcoForce Global as an affiliate and working with local communities to generate passive incomes to support tree planting and land regeneration activities. Funds accumulated by the Co Op can be used to support local farm or community improvement projects

CEO Charles Alder said, ” this extension of our affiliate marketing program means we’ll now be able to support more farmers, more communities and increase tree planting rates through greater community participation. Not only will more farmers be paid to plant and maintain trees but now the community can be paid to support these farmers. This is a significant win win for locals as well as farmers many of whom are experiencing serious disruption to their profitability due to climate events.

Co Op’s have deep connections into their local communities and it is hoped many Co Ops will take advantage of this new opportunity.

In the same way Affiliates earn revenue from tree sales through their own dedicated link, Co Ops will have a similar link and it is hoped they will surround themselves with as many locals as possible and the whole community will become active with the EcoForce Global business model.

Are you a member of a Farming Co Op? Register here as an affiliate today.