EcoForce Impact Investment Funds.

EcoForce Global is excited to launch two Impact Investment Funds to support its mission to sequester 30% of the world carbon output through trees and vegetation.

Sequestration of carbon requires a multi-pronged approach. The EcoForce Global mission is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 is achievable, however the total CO2 captured can also be significantly enhanced if we also reduce the amount of trees and vegetation lost each year.

Trees especially play a vital role in capturing and storing CO2. The challenge for many developing countries is that trees also provide energy for cooking and heating and the numbers required to support populations in many countries means that the net overall gain each year of trees is actually marginal. In countries such a Nigeria, millions of trees each year are cut down to supply energy needs due to the cost of alternatives such as natural gas that has risen in price due to worldwide influences.

This focus on the net gain philosophy is another example of the EcoForce mission to look for a multiplier effect in all its business dealings. We aren’t just about trees. We are working on wholistic solutions.

The idea of the Funds originated in conversations on Clubhouse with members of the diaspora of Nigeria and other African countries. The diaspora, or ex-pats as some call them, regularly send money back to their home countries to support families. This initiative works in a similar manner in that tree purchases made online through, which could include the diaspora, can directly support tree planting initiatives and Farmers in their home country. In addition, through the Fund, this also supports investment to reduce global climate challenges facing their homeland.

EcoForce Global have decided through the sale of each EcoForce tree worldwide to allow our customers to support our two initial Impact Investment Fund countries of Nigeria and Nepal, with a contribution from EcoForce to the Fund chosen by the customer at the time of tree purchase.

Our customers and corporate partners who are already focused on making a calculated difference to the planet, can now add this socially responsible initiative to their commitment to the planet through the purchase of a tree.

The Funds will be distributed annually to support initiatives that lead to overall net capture of CO2. Projects could include supporting alternative energy sources, development of solar products and services, supplemental land management programs to reduce productive land loss, or community based projects with a focus on land management practices.

The team reviewing the proposals will include leading EcoForce Global Affiliates, Company Representatives, Financial Advisors and Business Leaders from the Impact Investment Fund country.

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