Around the world, the call is out to plant trees. The reason is simple. Trees are one of the best carbon capturing plants we can plant and everyone knows what a tree is. But a tree is so much more than a tree.

Trees perform a range of functions for our environment.

They capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the branches, truck and root structure.
Trees emit fresh oxygen into the atmosphere for us to breathe
They provide shade and habitat to animals and humans.
They help seed clouds to create rain.
Trees save water and prevent soil erosion.
Trees cool their local environment especially in populated areas.

At EcoForce we predominantly plant our trees on landowners / farmers properties. We do this because we want to increase the effect of the tree plantings to help sequester carbon in association with land regeneration practices performed by farmers. These practices help improve farm productivity, improve soils and vegetation growth and reduce the need for chemicals to build growth.

Over the last 40 years, 33% of arable land ( land capable for food production) has been lost. Unless we change farming production methods and repair this arable land, we face the very real prospect of reduced food supplies into the future. It is why EcoForce tree plantings are the start of this farming repair process that benefits us all, not just the planting of trees.

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