About Ecoforce

Since 2013 my wife and I have worked hard to support thousands of farmers through one of Australia’s worst periods, drought, floods and devastating bushfires. During this time we have gathered an in depth appreciation of farming and its numerous practices, the environment and how farming can play a vital role in reducing carbon and rebuilding soil health but also play a major role in reducing the earths temperature and becoming more resistant to natural disasters.

Farmers are the stewards of the land. No farmer deliberately harms their stock or destroys their land. The income of farmer is directly reflected by the treatment of their stock and land, in good and bad times.

We have become aware of changes in farming practices, most notably the advent of Regen agriculture. This process helps repair the soils and eliminates the need for chemicals in production and after conversation to the new Old way for farming, farm profitability and resilience to natural disasters improves.

A significant part of this improvement process involves sequestering ( capturing ) carbon from our atmosphere through the planting of trees and ground coverage. This same technique can be replicated by the planting of kelp in our oceans to draw the carbon from the water that is now warmer and more acidic than in the past.

Capturing carbon and helping farmers repair their lands and become more productive is a key focus of our business.

More importantly though is the survival of our species, of my children, your children and our collective next generations.

By almost every measure, our planet is warming, massive ice sheets are melting, the occurrence of hurricanes, cyclones, floods and drought and other weather events are all on the increase. Insurance companies are paying out more and more to rebuild after such events. It was recently noted in the Australian State of New South Wales that whole towns are in a constant phase of rebuilding due to the regular repeats of disasters.

These disasters are also having a serious effect on the mental health of people across our planet. The Covid 19 virus has added to the existing stresses in our communities and no one knows what the long term damage will be to our communities.

It is imperative that we start to treat our home, our planet with a little more love and respect. We need to secure our food supply, create a safe environment for humans and within our surroundings.

EcoForce’s purpose is to bring people around the world together to focus our attention on what we can all do for the planet with action behind our words, working with those who can help deliver outcomes and take responsibility for our own actions.

Charles Alder