Where does EcoForce Global plant trees and kelp?

Capturing and storing CO2 is both a land and see issue. Our mission is to plant One Billion trees / kelp by 2030 on land in the oceans of the world.

Our strategy is simple, partner with farmers on land to plant trees and help increase the adoption rate of Regenerative Agriculture and reputable ocean based organisations for kelp plantings to grow plants and draw significant amounts of C02 from our oceans.

The current maps show the areas around the world where are have farmer partnerships and selected kelp planting sites.

When you purchase a tree through EcoForce Global you are able to select the planting site for trees and any kelp purchases are automatically allocated to our next kelp planting platform. To provide accountability and transparency across all stakeholders, customers, landowners / farmers, corporate and the wider community we provide 6 monthly photographic reports on tree growth and estimated carbon capture. This is done for us by our landowners / farmers who agree to provide such reports as part of the tree planting agreement. As the main stewards / custodians of the land, our landowners / farmers provide a major element of land repair process, now and into the future.

Tree Planting Sites

These tree planting sites are all on land owned by farmers who are committed to sustainable agriculture.

Kelp Planting Sites

These sites around the world are all suitable for kelp plantings in waters where kelp has grown the past and needs to be regrown but also areas that require reforestation for marine life.