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Remember a Loved One with the gift of a Remembrance Tree

Those we love in this life are never forgotten. The memory of them lives on forever in our hearts.

What could be more powerful than having a place to remember them in the knowledge that their lives will continue to serve to make a better future for all?

We invite you to create an In Memoriam Page with EcoForce Global. Here you can share the grief of your loved one’s passing and celebrate the life of your loved one with the gift of a Remembrance Tree.

Your loved one’s Remembrance Trees make a difference by helping our planet restore the health of soils on farms selected for managed planting sites for many generations to come; all while pulling carbon dioxide out of the air to help fight climate change, and providing fresh oxygen for all of us to breathe.

EcoForce Global invites you to create a personal In Memoriam Page on our website where you can share your personal message and memories of your loved one by completing the short form below.  Add a photo of your loved one, choose a planting site for their Remembrance Trees and invite others to purchase trees in honour of their memory. You may include a personal tree-planting goal for the number of Remembrance Trees you hope to have planted to remember your loved one.

We will keep track of the number of Remembrance Trees purchased for you and will be in regular contact prior to and after the planting of the trees. All trees planted to commemorate the life of your loved one will be posted to your EcoForce Global In Memoriam Page.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the form.  Once complete, you will be sent a unique link via e-mail to your In Memoriam Page.  This unique link allows you to share with those closest and dearest to you to invite them to purchase Remembrance Trees in honour the memory of your departed loved one.

When you are responsible for the purchase of tree that is planted with an EcoForce Global farmer, as the owner of that tree, we EcoForce will report to you each 6 months for the first 5 years on the growth of your tree. In each of these reports we will estimate the total amount of carbon sequestered into the tree. This total of carbon is what you will be able to offer people/ businesses to purchase to offset their own emissions.

Every tree differs and each planting environment has an effect on tree growth. Some trees can capture up to 25kg. Each tree species that we plant based upon local climate needs will generate a different sequestration rate.

No you don’t. Each report we provide you will update you on the estimated amount of Co2 that has been captured in your trees. At any time you can place your trees into our Carbon Pool.

The Carbon Pool is the total amount of Co2 that has been committed by EcoForce customers to the EcoForce Global Carbon exchange pool that can be purchased by others, individuals or businesses or other interested parties.

Every customer of EcoForce Global will be invited to commit their Co2 to the Carbon pool. It is not mandatory for every customer to commit their Co2 to the Carbon Pool, it is totally voluntary.

EcoForce Global will price the tonne of Co2 at sale time to reflect a premium on the current market rate. We will do this because we have individual tree tracking, photographic evidence, GPS tracking and tree circumference and height details that allows us to most accurately calculate the amount of Co2 in the tree at that point in time.

Yes any person who purchases a tree be they a customer, a person who has been gifted the tree and the title transferred to them or a company that makes a bulk purchase to align with ESG or CSR or SDG requirements can earn the income from the trading of these carbon credits.
For example a company could purchase One Thousand (1000) trees , claim it as a tax deduction and then earn the income on which they would have to pay tax on the carbon credit income.

Yes you will receive 85% of the value of the carbon sold into the market. The 15% covers cost of transaction, management and in the case of the death of the tree, the cost of replacing the tree.

All tree owners will have to log into their customer account and commit their trees to the carbon Pool. This is done by logging in via this url then under the Account Menu look for the link called Carbon Pool Application and complete the form. Once that has been completed all your trees past and future will be allocated to the Carbon pool

To set up a page to help sell trees for the memory of a loved one complete the form below. When doing so please complete all the required fields so we can speed up the process of approval. The form should take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

By purchasing through Eco Partners you’ll earn cashback from over 300 partners. At the same time these partners will match your cashback amount to planting trees with EcoForce.

By sharing your Advocate link after you join, you can build a team of advocates around the world helping sell and plant trees to save our planet.

EcoForce pays commissions on tree sales to your bank account or paypal account by the 10th of each month.

Businesses are looking for an edge. Giving businesses the chance to participate in the EcoPartner program allows them to show their credentials to their customers and stakeholders. Businesses can join as an EcoPartner for Free by simply registering via this url:

Every business around the world is looking to reduce its eco footprint, either to reduce the cost of doing business or due to consumer and stakeholder pressure. Being an EcoPartner allows business a transparent way of contributing to carbon capture and landscape regeneration through the EcoForce Tree Planting Program.

Now that you have taken a position on purchasing trees, you can incentivise your customers through purchases and be rewarded with trees. For example a car dealership might purchase 10 trees for every car sold or a coffee shop might suggest to customers 50 cents from every coffee goes towards buying more trees. There are any number of ways trees can be used as an incentive to drive sales. Businesses might also invite their customers to help them reach a business target by purchasing a tree through the businesses QR code.

One tree costs $7.70 if you divide that by 30 days you get the 25.6 cents. In one year we could plant 7.8 billion trees.


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After the 2 years the tree becomes the property of the landowner / farmer. Depending upon the type of tree, the first 15 years of a tree are its greatest carbon capturing potential. We expect that the long term benefit for farmers to retain the trees to help retain top soil, carbon, provide shade for animals and help seed clouds for rain will see many trees living a full life.