Business Big & Small; Your Opportunity to make a difference for a better future.

Across the board, the environment plays a role in all businesses. Farmers battle with uncertain weather daily to grow crops, fruit and vegetables, and support their livestock in the most effective ways to satisfy our needs. Manufacturers strive to keep energy prices down, and supply chains are impacted when extreme weather events cause disruptions.

At EcoForce Global we work with businesses to demonstrate their support of our environment through a range of transparent and accountable Programs.

3 Engagement Options

1. Small / Medium Business

Our EcoPartner Program is perfect for small to medium enterprises to engage with their Customers/Clients to demonstrate their green credentials.

Your EcoPartner Program also allows your Customers/Clients to contribute alongside your efforts to maximise your businesses contribution to the planet, as well as provide another income stream for your business.

EcoForce has many creative suggestions for ways that you can engage your Customers/Clients with your EcoPartner Program so they can also be part of the solution to help heal our planet.

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2. Online Businesses

If your business has an online presence and you would like to contribute towards tree purchases just like our EcoPartners, then your business can now include a unique tracking code.

This simple api code can be installed in your website in just minutes. This code captures all tree sales data through your business and converts it to your ongoing total carbon capture.

You can now demonstrate your carbon offset contribution for your business to all your Customers/Clients which is updated with each tree sale through your business.

Register as an Eco Partner and apply for the online merchant code as part of your application.

Corporate Alliances

EcoForce Global provide Corporations with the ability to demonstrate to their stakeholders their green credentials with full transparency and accountability through the EcoForce Global Corporate Alliance Tree Planting Program.

In an age where businesses know the power of green credentials to their bottom line, the proliferation of companies claiming green and not being able to validate such is on the rise. Read this recent article; – 68% of U.S. execs admit their companies are guilty of greenwashing

EcoForce Global Corporate Alliances provide an all-inclusive validated Tree Planting Program including full transparency of the planting site, reporting on tree growth, adoption of regenerative agriculture practices by the landholder, and 6 monthly update reports for the first two years from planting of your trees.  

In addition, staff and stakeholders can be included in the planting and reporting processes, providing hands on interaction. 

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