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this is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to participate in EcoGOLD – complete this ENROLMENT FORM and get started TODAY!

« Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions of EcoGOLD at the bottom of the form below

To maintain your eligibility for your EcoGOLD Program, you must:

« Ensure you have $29.95 AUD funds available each month to cover your EcoGOLD subscription for the time you have left to complete EcoGOLD

« Ensure you have 30 Points in tree sales and/or purchases each month of your EcoGOLD Program

YOU can get started NOW and tap into the additional training and support to make it happen. If you need some time to think about it, then you have 90 days from the date you registered as an Advocate to do so. However, don’t wait too long as time is ticking.

EcoGOLD will require consistent focused effort by the Advocate to achieve results and qualify for the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards on offer. This is a 15-month Massive Action Program that commenced from the date you joined EcoForce Global as an Advocate, not the date you enrol in EcoGOLD. If you have not enrolled in EcoGOLD within your 90 Days, then your EcoGOLD opportunity will be withdrawn and will never be offered again.

The EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are there for the taking for ALL Participating Advocates who have enrolled in EcoGOLD within the 90 Day period from when they registered as an Advocate. The EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are in addition to the financial rewards available from the Advocate Rewards Program. However, the greatest rewards are for our planet and for future generations. It really is all about making a difference.

If this is for you, this is YOUR ONCE ONLY OPPORTUNITY to Go For GOLD!

Welcome to your EcoGOLD journey. It is time to enrol and get started … Your EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are there for the taking! May the EcoForce be with You.

EcoGOLD Registration and Enrolment