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Please be aware of the following conditions;

Attending and paying for each the compulsory monthly training event form part of an Advocate’s eligibility to participate in the EcoGOLD Program. An Advocate may choose to withdraw from the EcoGOLD Program at any time, however once an enrolment has been cancelled, an Advocate’s enrolment cannot be reinstated. The Advocate will forfeit access to any EcoGOLD rewards.

Participating Advocates can only pay monthly. EcoForce will debit your credit card monthly for the next 12 months for $500.00 AUD. Should there be insufficient funds at time of debiting, enrolment in the EcoGOLD Program will be cancelled and reinstatement will not be possible. Failure to attend a monthly training event, the Advocate will have their enrolment in the EcoGOLD Program cancelled immediately. There are no refunds.

The EcoGOLD Program is in addition to what an EcoForce Global Advocate can achieve with the Advocate Rewards Program. There is no guarantee that each Advocate will achieve all EcoGOLD Rewards as this is determined by the actions of the participating Advocate.

The EcoGOLD Program will require consistent focused effort by the Advocate to achieve results and qualify for the EcoGOLD Rewards over the 12-month period. The rewards are there for the taking, however the greatest rewards are for our planet and for future generations.

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Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa