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Can our staff and customers get involved in our star rating?

Your company can use EcoForce Global’s tree planting programs in any way to engage your staff and stakeholders. The transparency of the plantings, GPS co ordinates and photographs make a compelling story of your company’s commitment to tree planting.

How does EcoForce Global validate a company’s turnover?

Once a company has come on board and made a commitment, EcoForce Global corporate team will communicate directly with the business owners to establish credentials and a transparent path forward that allows the business to meet its objectives in a meaningful and...

When will my business earn its star rating?

Provisional star ratings are issued for the first 12 months. Once the company’s commitment has been met then a company will earn its official star status.The pending stars look like this Official stars look like this

How is a TreeScore calculated?

When companies register with EcoForce Global they are categorised based upon annual turnover.Companies then make a commitment to contribute between 0.5% and 1.5% towards planting trees through EcoForce Global. The levels and star ratings are calculated upon a...