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Advocate Team Building Bonus

EcoForce Global is building a massive team of passionate earth supporting Advocates.To help you and all Advocates financially we are offering the following promotion.

New Advocate Bonus
Join EcoForce Global today as an Advocate for FREE
We will credit your Advocate Commission account with $5 promo dollars.
When you make your first Full value Tree sale we will convert the $promo dollars to dollars and pay you the $5 with your next bonus payment.

Referring Advocate Bonus
When you refer a New Advocate you will earn $5 Promo Dollars
When the new Advocate makes their first full value tree sale, we will convert the $promo dollars to dollars and pay you the $5 with your next bonus payment.

Refer with your link, Share this :


    Terms and Conditions
    1/ Activation is defined as an Advocate who makes a Full value Tree Sale where the Advocates account name is captured as the referrer at time of sale.
    2/ A full value tree sale is defined as a Single Tree, $84.70 AUD or local currency equivalent.
    3/ The $5 Promo amount is paid in the next commission run which at time of campaign creation is on the 10th of each Month.
    4/ All Promo dollars are paid on the sale of trees, not on the recruitment of a new Advocate.
    5/ If you refer multiple new Advocates, the $5 Promo dollar from each Advocate will be paid out when that new Advocate makes their individual tree sale. All other $5 promo amounts for other new Advocates will be held until they make their first full value sale.
    6/ If the tree sale that activates an Advocate is reversed within 60 days of the sale, EcoForce will reverse the Promo bonus from a subsequent commission payment.
    7/ Promo dollars remain valid for 365 days from the date of the new Advocate joining before they expire.
    8/ Advocates can register from any country of the world into this promotion.
    9/ These specific promotion terms and conditions and in addition to existing terms and conditions of involvement.
    10/ This promotional period runs from 6.00pm AEST November 28th to Midnight AEST Jan 31st 2023.

    Terms and Conditions are current as at 5.00pm AEST 28th December 2022 and are subject to change and review.