Refer a Friend.

We will reward you with a $5 bonus credited to your account (Referral Reward), for every qualified new member you personally refer to us (Qualified Referral).  

Qualified Referral is a direct referral to a person who: does not have an account with us at the time of referral; has not opened an account with us within 12 months prior to the referral; and through our website makes a first purchase of not less than $20 within 90 days after the qualified referral opens an account (first purchase).  

The Referral Reward is not payable if the first purchase does not earn cashback or is subject to any: cancellation; or refund and/or exchange that reduces the value of the first purchase below $20.  

Qualified Referrals must be made through the Unique Referral Link (URL) we allocate to you through our website or other communication. 

You agree that you will only publish or make known your Unique Referral Link on places that you directly control such as your personal website, blog, social media accounts. 

We may at our discretion: suspend; withdraw; or modify terms and conditions applying to; referral rewards and/or qualified referrals at any time. Should this occur, a notification will be provided on our website or other communication. 

The intention of the Referral Award is to: increase the value of our business; and reward you for helping us. We expect you to act: honestly; with integrity; in compliance with all applicable law; and not attempt to unjustly reward yourself or misuse your URL to our detriment (infringement). 

If we reasonably suspect there has been an infringement by you and/or any qualified referral, we may without prior notice: revoke any or all your referral rewards; and/or terminate and close your URL and/or account. 

Without limitation, infringements will include; self-referrals; duplicated referrals; misleading or deceptive referrals; false referrals; using and/or collaborating with third parties to increase your referral awards; disrupting and/or interfering with our technology; sharp practices; adversely affecting our goodwill and/or reputation; and/or contravention of any applicable law.