The EcoForce Global business model brings together everybody with an interest in the sustainability of our planet.

When Charles and Tracy Alder wanted to support farmers in drought, bushfire and floods, they created a fundraising campaign for their charity Rural Aid called the Buy a Bale fundraising program.

They bought together consumers and business who wanted to help farmers ( they gave donations), hay farmers who had no customers to sell their hay to because farmers couldn’t afford it ( so they used the donations to buy the hay), truck drivers who were looking for work ( so the donations paid for the transport as well) and the farmers who needed the hay so the farmers got what they needed. So successful was the program that it raised almost 100 million dollars for their charity. The charity was the conduit to providing the help.

The plan here at EcoForce Global is similar.

Around the world consumers are wondering what they can do to support the sustainability of the planet without having to change their lives too much. There are any number of simple solutions but most involve changing habits or practices. Most people don’t like change but everyone can at least Buy One Tree.

So if everybody buys a tree, where will we put them all?

We’ll plant them on farmers land. Farmers all over the world are looking for ways to improve their viability through sustainable practices. ( they own 50% of the worlds landmass and if we plant with farmers we don’t need access government land or government approval ). Farmers are also looking to reduce their reliance on fertilizers and other chemicals and increase the quality of their products through natural means.

Charles & Tracy know through their work supporting farmers and rural communities that if we can help farmers become more sustainable they wont need charity or as much in times of droughts, floods etc. It’s also possible to help farmers adopt better farming practices, more sustainable practices and the one practice they should choose is a concept called Regenerative Agriculture. Regen Ag (as it is known) involves capturing carbon from the atmosphere through plants and trees, keeping carbon is the soil through no plowing, managing livestock and keeping the ground covered all year round to maintain moisture but also create richer soil through microbial growth.

Trees and plants draw down CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, storing the carbon component within the plants and roots while releasing fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere. It is also widely believed that trees emit terpenes skywards helping thicken the atmosphere reflecting more light away from earth but importantly seeding clouds forcing the moisture to fall as rain. It’s why rain forests with large canopies of trees have more rain that cleared paddocks.

To help us plant these trees we’re working with Not for Profit groups including land care groups, environmental charities and veterans groups to help build the teamwork around planet sustainability. These organisations have a wealth of knowledge about vegetation, plants, ecosystems and teamwork. These assets help us achieve our goals much faster through collaboration.

Finally to help us sell all these trees around the world we’re building a team of passionate Affiliates who we will reward financially for making this difference. There are millions of people who have committed themselves and many years of their lives to support the environment but who have volunteered their time to do it. We know if we can reward people financially for helping us achieve our mission we can achieve greater amounts of success and in a much shorter period of time

Together all these pieces create a solution to our planet’s need for a more sustainable way forward.

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