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Offset Your Flight

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Launching May 11th 2023 – Offset Your

Air Travel is such a significant contributor to global Co2 levels.

Today EcoForce Global is taking launching an initiative that will allow consumers and corporate the opportunity to offset their own flights as they see fit but also align corporate ESG compliance with a single platform to maximise reporting functionality.

The launch of the website gives control of flights offsets direstly into the hands of consumers and business.

Commonly, questions are asked about where the offset purchases from airlines and other companies non travel related go to. Whilst the Amazon and other countries can benefit from these offsets, the planting of trees is important for all countries.

Our processes at EcoForce provide significantly higher levels of transparency and accountability than most other tree planting organisations. Its not just about trees but kelp and land repair through the adoption of regenerative agricultural processes. will provide a single platform for all consumers and companies around the world.

Companies especially will benefit from the platform as it will allow a single point for capture for all company flights and offsets and a unique reporting structure, designed to fit neatly into ESG reporting guidelines across all jurisdictions.

Open an individual or Company account today, visit today.