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New Opportunities

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Today we announce some major changes to EcoForce Global moving forward. We’ve decided to streamline our product and offering mix and increase the opportunity for Affiliates to make a significant ongoing income.

We are changing the name Advocates to Affiliates. The term Affiliates is well understood and Affiliate Marketing is a massive marketing method, widely utilised by major online and offline brands.

We are introducing an annual platform access fee of $20 AUD. Paid upon account creation and each 12 months, this small fee covers all training materials and access to our Affiliate Platform.

We have also decided to remove our fundraising opportunity for non profits. Non profits can access the same offer as previously offered by becoming an Affiliate so the opportunity to earn great funds for their organisations is still available.

We ending our EcoGold program and replacing it with more income for activate Affiliates and future levels lower in their affiliate networks. We’re also introducing a new way for Affiliates to increase their income by issuing them with a bonus affiliate position in their team when they purchase 30 trees on a 12 month subscription plan. You can read more about this exciting new addition by clicking here.

Finally we are introducing a new activity bonus for Affiliates.