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In Loving Memory of Wynn Bruce, a Warrior of Truth and Peace

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Wynn Bruce was the very definition of a warrior of truth and peace. When I first arrived in Boulder in 2018, I had left Dallas and all my relatives and friends in Texas. Wynn and I met through the Shambhala Center in Boulder. We became friends as he showed me around Boulder and introduced me to people who have become my dearest friends. Wynn and I sat in meditation in the park and would often meet up at the Laughing Goat for coffee or tea. He knew I needed a friend and was there, sometimes for a good talk, and sometimes just being there in silence. I really had no idea that he would give his life in protest in Washington, D.C. in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building on Earth Day 2022. Some people I've talked to - also friends of Wynn - have said he wrote about his intentions in social media postings. I guess I read through some of that and never saw what seems obvious to them. Wynn will be missed by many. Some of us will see and feel his energies now pervasive in the breeze, in the falling of a leaf, in the flutter of a butterfly's wing, in the simple songs of children at play.

These trees will be planted at Memorial Site for Wynn Bruce - United States

Thank you Ryan