How and where we plant trees

EcoForce plants trees on landowners / farmers properties. This arrangement allows us to access massive tracts of land all over the world. The reason we work with landowners / farmers is that the improvement they generate from tree plantings, increased CO2 capture from our atmosphere and improved farming practices has a multipler effect over the concept of just planting trees.

When you purchase a ECP ( Environment Care Package including a tree) we allocate your tree to the next planting site we have. When landowners / farmers register with EcoForce they are offering their land for tree plantings. Through negotiation between the landowners / farmers , local ecologists and EcoForce, we then allocate the best type of tree to the planting site and organise for it to be planted. Based upon seasons, seed availability and planting resources, planting can happen quickly or within months.

When our trees are planted we provide immediate GPS co ordinates of the tree and photographic proof of planting. Each tree is individually QR coded for growth tracing.

See how our cycle operates.

To provide accountability and transparency across all stakeholders, customers, landowners / farmers, corporate and the wider community we provide 6 monthly photographic reports on tree growth and estimated carbon capture. This is done for us by our landowners / farmers who agree to provide such reports as part of the tree planting agreement. As the main stewards / custodians of the land, our landowners / farmers provide a major element of land repair process, now and into the future.

An example of a community planting and QR coded tree on a farmers property.