Sharing the EcoForce Opportunity with others in a home environment is one of the most successful ways you can increase your team numbers as well as sell trees. Home based presentations have always been successful, they are cheap to host, the comfort of ones home leads to increase attendees and the atmosphere is less business and more sharing in its perception.

EcoForce Global invites all Advocates to host Tree Parties.

We have produced a Tree Party Invitation which you can print out and use
We have also created a short one page Tree Party checklist to help you make it a success.

Choose a Date and Time (generally no longer than 1½ hours)
Select a venue – ideally in Your Home or a Friend’s Home
Invite Your PEARLS and others
Include an RSVP date
Send an SMS reminder 24 hours prior
Include that you are looking forward to seeing them at the event
Have an expectation that they will attend – be excited
Keep refreshments simple (so it is duplicatable)
Suggested refreshments: Tea | Coffee | Milk | Sugar | Water
If supplying nibbles – use bought biscuits & cakes, cheese & crackers
Have everything in place for them to register on the day
Ensure you Follow Up with EVERYONE within 48 hours

Additional Tips

When inviting, do not say too much. You are simply with a company that is planting trees in a sustainable way to help heal the planet
Tell them the Presentation will answer all their questions
Ensure the home is clean including bathrooms and remove clutter
Have some soft upbeat music to create atmosphere
Use pure essential oils to refresh the room (some may cause allergies)
You want people to think ‘I can do this’
Keep it simple and duplicatible
For more great ideas, refer to Your EcoMastery Success Program; Module 4.1 Events that WOW and Connect,