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Founders Of Rural Aid Have Climate Change In Their Sights

Founders Of Rural Aid Have Climate Change In Their Sights

17th November 2020

Today sees the launch of Ecoforce Australia, part of a global network of companies started by the founders of Rural Aid and Buy a Bale, Charles and Tracy Alder. Whilst working at Rural Aid, Charles and Tracy became aware of the need to create a longer term solution to the challenges we face on both a national and international scale when it comes to climate and farm sustainability.

“Australian farmers can be a key to re-balancing the planets CO2 problems. Farmers own almost 60% of Australia’s landmass and need more carbon in their soils for healthy production and reducing the effects of drought and now we have a way to help them do that and increase their farm profits and viability” Charles Alder said.

Ecoforce Australia’s mission will see it partner with and fund, farmers and landowners to plant millions of trees and to help convert farm production methods to regenerative processes capturing carbon in soils and trees. Developing healthy soils and improved water management alongside improved farm management practices with reduced cost inputs will help many improve their bottom lines and open the opportunity to carbon farm alongside their traditional business.

Over 33 billion tonnes of carbon was released into our atmosphere in 2019. This is up from 9.1 billion tonnes in 2010. This rate of growth is unsustainable and if it continues will see massive permafrost thawings in the northern hemisphere releasing methane into our atmosphere which can never be recaptured further tipping the atmospheric equation.

Ecoforce Australia will work with farmers to plant, QR code, GPS coordinate and provide 6 monthly reviews of tree growth, measure carbon soil levels and farm improvement practices. This holistic focus should begin to bear fruit within 2 years.

“We believe that through supporting farmers we can create enough carbon sequestration for Australia to be carbon neutral” , Charles Alder said. “Our farmers can help us get there.”

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