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Carolyn & Erik Suggate

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About Our Farm

We have run the farm for the last 10 years - under organic and regenerative principles. We have fenced off areas to enable better rotations and sections areas as designated sensitive sites. We producer certified organic beef, plus hops and other seasonal fruit.

Erik is a passionate ecological arborist - so we are keen to replace and restore our natural landscape into these sensitive areas around the farm. We want to replace some of the landscape that was cleared before we arrived - and encourage more biodiversity, animals and bird species to our farm.

We are proud of the way our land has been restored under our management. Our teenage children are all interested in the land and it has taught us a great deal as a family. We are very interested to share our journey so that others wanting to manage their landscapes better can learn from our journey.


We believe that producers and land stewards are part of the answer in demonstrating localised change. Running our farm on organic and regenerative principles we would be keen to include the community in better education and understanding of what this looks like in practice. Through the ORICoop Eco-Credit project - we are increasing the soil carbon in our soils as well as through improving the biodiversity in tree planting over the next year. Through strategic tree planting we can encourage more diversity of bird species, animals and insects into our natural ecosystem.

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