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EcoGOLD – rewards unlike any other

Unlike any other Rewards Program, at EcoForce Global we believe in CREATING MASSIVE OPPORTUNITIES for our valued EcoForce Advocates who decide to take massive action to support planet repair, and that they should be REWARDED GENEROUSLY for their efforts.

IMAGINE an opportunity where you can EARN A GREAT INCOME AND BE REWARDED with a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR* HOUSE AND LAND PACKAGE for YOU and your family simply by helping the planet.

Financial freedom and the home of YOUR dreams awaits YOU. Read on, you’ll be glad you did!

As an EcoForce Advocate, in ADDITION TO the financial rewards that YOU can earn from the Advocate Rewards Program through building teams of Advocates and selling trees to help heal our planet, we are also providing ALL Advocates who are working hard the opportunity to earn FANTASTIC BONUS REWARDS to recognise their efforts.

Welcome to EcoGOLD – a once in a lifetime opportunity

Your mission should YOU choose to accept, is simply enrol and participate in EcoGOLD. You have 15 months from the date you registered as an EcoForce Advocate to participate in EcoGOLD to earn over $1.25 million AUD in EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards. Simply generate as many trees sales as you can within your organisation in the duration of your EcoGOLD Program and be rewarded with the following exclusive EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards.

EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are in ADDITION to what you will earn from the Advocate Rewards Program. However, you MUST enrol in EcoGOLD within 90 Days from the date you registered as an Advocate. Should you not enrol in EcoGOLD within your 90 Days, this opportunity to earn the Bonus Rewards will be taken away – forever.

So why not get started NOW! Enrol in EcoGOLD TODAY for just $29.95 AUD per month for the duration of your EcoGOLD Program, and why not use all the 15 months allocated to earn your EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards?

« EcoForce Branded Quality Country Style Shirt
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 1,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Exclusive RM Williams premium quality Outback Leather Belt
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 5,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Authentic Australian Akubra Hat
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 20,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Exclusive Mont Blanc Pen
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 50,000* trees sold within their organisation

« ReMarkable Digital Notepad – the world’s thinnest tablet
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 250,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Immersible Adventure to an endangered destination value $5,000 AUD
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 500,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Home Solar System valued at $10,000 AUD
Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 1,000,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Solar System Battery Unit valued at $15,000 AUD

Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 2,500,000* trees sold within their organisation

« Electric Vehicle (EV) valued up to $100,000 AUD

Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 5,000,000* trees sold within their organisation

« House and Land Combination valued at $1million AUD

Presented to EcoGOLD Advocates upon reaching 10,000,000* trees sold within their organisation

Eligibility for EcoGOLD

To take advantage of these EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards you must be an EcoForce Advocate.

Join our Advocate Team TODAY – Click Here

If you are already an Advocate and not enrolled in EcoGOLD, take action NOW! You have just 90 days to do so from the date you registered as an EcoForce Global Advocate and meet the minimum performance requirements. Full eligibility, terms, and conditions of EcoGOLD, are detailed at the bottom of this page.

Click HERE to enrol in EcoGOLD to activate Your EcoGOLD journey NOW


When you are responsible for the purchase of tree that is planted with an EcoForce Global farmer, as the owner of that tree, we EcoForce will report to you each 6 months for the first 5 years on the growth of your tree. In each of these reports we will estimate the total amount of carbon sequestered into the tree. This total of carbon is what you will be able to offer people/ businesses to purchase to offset their own emissions.

Every tree differs and each planting environment has an effect on tree growth. Some trees can capture up to 25kg. Each tree species that we plant based upon local climate needs will generate a different sequestration rate.

No you don’t. Each report we provide you will update you on the estimated amount of Co2 that has been captured in your trees. At any time you can place your trees into our Carbon Pool.

The Carbon Pool is the total amount of Co2 that has been committed by EcoForce customers to the EcoForce Global Carbon exchange pool that can be purchased by others, individuals or businesses or other interested parties.

Every customer of EcoForce Global will be invited to commit their Co2 to the Carbon pool. It is not mandatory for every customer to commit their Co2 to the Carbon Pool, it is totally voluntary.

EcoForce Global will price the tonne of Co2 at sale time to reflect a premium on the current market rate. We will do this because we have individual tree tracking, photographic evidence, GPS tracking and tree circumference and height details that allows us to most accurately calculate the amount of Co2 in the tree at that point in time.

Yes any person who purchases a tree be they a customer, a person who has been gifted the tree and the title transferred to them or a company that makes a bulk purchase to align with ESG or CSR or SDG requirements can earn the income from the trading of these carbon credits.
For example a company could purchase One Thousand (1000) trees , claim it as a tax deduction and then earn the income on which they would have to pay tax on the carbon credit income.

Yes you will receive 85% of the value of the carbon sold into the market. The 15% covers cost of transaction, management and in the case of the death of the tree, the cost of replacing the tree.

All tree owners will have to log into their customer account and commit their trees to the carbon Pool. This is done by logging in via this url then under the Account Menu look for the link called Carbon Pool Application and complete the form. Once that has been completed all your trees past and future will be allocated to the Carbon pool

EcoForce will reward you a house and land combination of your choice valued at $1 Million AUD upon qualification of such, if achieved within the 15-month timeframe of Your EcoGOLD Program. If you wish to use the funds to buy a second house or holiday house, the choice is yours. The house can also be purchased or built almost anywhere in the world. The prize value must be spent on one property.

Yes! EcoGOLD is not compulsory. All active Advocates who have a current registration with EcoForce Global and who are achieving 30 Points or more each month, will qualify for any income generated through the Advocate Rewards Program. The EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are in addition to the Advocate Rewards Program.

Yes! This will be ongoing for all Advocates who register with EcoForce Global. However, all Advocates have ONE CHANCE ONLY to participate in EcoGOLD.

All trees sold through your organisation from the date you register as an EcoForce Advocate accumulate towards your qualification for the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards. It is therefore wise to commence taking action sooner to make the most of your EcoGOLD opportunity to position yourself to earn as many of the Bonus Rewards on offer that you can within the 15-months allocated for Your EcoGOLD Program. To avoid disappointment, ensure sure you enrol in EcoGOLD before your 90 Days expiry date, and fulfil the eligibility requirements.

Once you have achieved or are close to the required tree sales within your organisation to qualify for your luxury Electric Vehicle (EV) or Million Dollar Home, contact EcoForce Global for assistance to manage the purchase of such. EcoForce Global will cover any additional transfer costs for the EV and Million Dollar Home into the Advocate’s name. We suggest as soon as you can, line up the vehicle and/or house you are interested in. Test drive the vehicle and get photos of you in the car of your choice, and if possible, outside the home of your choice. We also suggest that you get pictures/brochures of the car and home you are aiming for and add these to your Dream Board (refer to your EcoMastery Success Program, Nourish Module 5.2 Your Goals and Dreams). We also suggest researching building times and car pre order requirements. This all contributes to create excitement and the motivation to do what is required to earn these amazing EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards in the time allocated.

No. EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards cannot be taken as cash and are not transferable.

Should an Advocate not reside within Australia, the EcoGOLD Bonus Reward will be converted from AUD to the equivalent in the Advocate’s local currency.

No. However, this is strongly encouraged as these have been designed to give you additional support, training and motivation to help you achieve the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards you are aiming for. One of our ‘Rules of Play’ (Module 1.3 – EcoMastery Success Program) is that ‘People will do what you do.’ If you choose to not attend the training, chances are your Team won’t either and your results will often reflect such.

There are many additional benefits a Participant receives from the date they enrol in EcoGOLD which forms part of their subscription. These include; merchandise discounts, event discounts, daily motivational messages, access to additional training and support, as well as additional benefits which are provided throughout the Advocate’s EcoGOLD journey which are exclusive to enrolled EcoGOLD Participants.

No. Advocates can only qualify for the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards they have attained throughout the duration of their 15-month EcoGOLD Program. There is no pro rata towards the next EcoGOLD Bonus Reward. All Advocates will continue to receive any eligible financial rewards from the Advocate Rewards Program that they have achieved which is ongoing.

No, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. All EcoForce Global Advocates can enrol in EcoGOLD at any time within their 90 days from the date they registered as an Advocate. Should an Advocate not enrol in EcoGOLD and their 90-day period has expired, this will not be offered again to the Advocate. Any Advocate who has not enrolled in EcoGOLD and cancels their registration and re-registers as an Advocate at a later date, has forfeited their opportunity to participate in EcoGOLD.

No. An Advocate can enrol in EcoGOLD at any time within 90 Days of registering as an Advocate. The subscription is $29.95 AUD per month commences the date they enrol and ends at the conclusion of their EcoGOLD program, which is 15 months from the date they registered as an EcoForce Advocate.

EcoGOLD simply provides an incentive for you and your Advocates in your organisation to take action sooner, rather than later, to grow your business to a desired level of financial reward from the Advocate Rewards Program. Should an Advocate decide to participate in EcoGOLD, it is encouraged they find a group of 5 or more who would like to do the same. Plan to meet regularly for support, tap into the training, and take the required actions to achieve what each can within the 15-months period allocated for EcoGOLD. Use the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards as an incentive for you and your Team to grow your organisations by taking regular consistent focused action. The biggest winner is our planet. EcoGOLD may be the motivation you need to position yourself as an EcoForce Global Advocate to achieve financial independence sooner and help heal our planet in the process.

Upon graduation from your EcoGOLD Program, there are many benefits in putting together another team of new Advocates and encouraging them to participate in EcoGOLD with you as their support and mentor. They will benefit from taking action sooner, you will benefit from growing your organisation, and our planet will benefit from more trees planted. Each EcoGOLD Graduate will be invited to participate in the EcoGOLD Alumni Program so they can continue to benefit from the additional support and training offered exclusively to EcoGOLD Participants at a reduced ongoing monthly subscription.

Yes. All Advocates who have enrolled in EcoGOLD must continue to meet all EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards requirements to be eligible to receive any EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards.

By purchasing through Eco Partners you’ll earn cashback from over 300 partners. At the same time these partners will match your cashback amount to planting trees with EcoForce.

By sharing your Advocate link after you join, you can build a team of advocates around the world helping sell and plant trees to save our planet.

EcoForce pays commissions on tree sales to your bank account or paypal account by the 10th of each month.

Businesses are looking for an edge. Giving businesses the chance to participate in the EcoPartner program allows them to show their credentials to their customers and stakeholders. Businesses can join as an EcoPartner for Free by simply registering via this url:

Every business around the world is looking to reduce its eco footprint, either to reduce the cost of doing business or due to consumer and stakeholder pressure. Being an EcoPartner allows business a transparent way of contributing to carbon capture and landscape regeneration through the EcoForce Tree Planting Program.

Now that you have taken a position on purchasing trees, you can incentivise your customers through purchases and be rewarded with trees. For example a car dealership might purchase 10 trees for every car sold or a coffee shop might suggest to customers 50 cents from every coffee goes towards buying more trees. There are any number of ways trees can be used as an incentive to drive sales. Businesses might also invite their customers to help them reach a business target by purchasing a tree through the businesses QR code.

One tree costs $7.70 if you divide that by 30 days you get the 25.6 cents. In one year we could plant 7.8 billion trees.

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After the 2 years the tree becomes the property of the landowner / farmer. Depending upon the type of tree, the first 15 years of a tree are its greatest carbon capturing potential. We expect that the long term benefit for farmers to retain the trees to help retain top soil, carbon, provide shade for animals and help seed clouds for rain will see many trees living a full life.

EcoGOLD Terms and Conditions


  1. EcoGOLD is available to ALL EcoForce Advocates, globally. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will not be offered again to the same Advocate.
  2. To participate in EcoGOLD, an Advocate MUST enrol in EcoGOLD within 90 Days of registering as an EcoForce Global Advocate. There is no obligation to enrol in EcoGOLD, this is the choice of each Advocate. Post 90 Days, the EcoGOLD offer will be withdrawn from the Advocate and can no longer be accessed.
  3. An Advocate can choose to enrol at any time during the 90 Day preparation period and will have immediate access to all the additional support and incentives that is part of the EcoGOLD Program.
  4. The investment is a subscription of $29.95 AUD/month from the date the Advocate enrols in EcoGOLD for the duration of their EcoGOLD Program. Should there be insufficient funds at time of debiting, enrolment in the Advocate’s EcoGOLD Program will be cancelled and reinstatement will not be possible. There are no refunds. Any EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards issued prior to cancellation remain the ownership of the Advocate.
  5. An Advocate may choose to withdraw from their EcoGOLD Program at any time. Should an Advocate cancel their subscription, once their EcoGOLD enrolment has been cancelled, they will no longer be able to earn any EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards, nor can they re-enrol at a later date. However, all Advocates will continue to earn any financial rewards they are eligible for from the Advocate Rewards Program, which is ongoing.
  6. To qualify for the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards, the enrolled participating Advocate MUST have a minimum of 30 Points personal qualification from tree sales and/or purchases at the commencement of and for the duration of their EcoGOLD Program.
  7. * To be eligible to receive any EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards, a maximum of 75% of tree sales qualifying volume can come from ONE LINE of referral. The remaining 25% must come from DIFFERENT LINES of referral within an Advocate’s organisation.
  8. The number of trees required to receive each EcoGOLD Bonus Reward is based upon trees paid in full or equivalent numbers of part payments for trees on payment plan.
  9. An Advocate must maintain their EcoGOLD membership until their EcoGOLD Program expires. This is achieved by fulfilling the eligibility criteria of; (i) 30 Points personal qualification from trees sales and/or purchases each month of their EcoGOLD Program, and (ii), ensuring they have sufficient funds each month to cover their EcoGOLD subscription.
  10. EcoForce Global provides motivation and additional support to assist each EcoGOLD Participant to achieve their goals and the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards. It is expected that every EcoGOLD Participant attend in person or online the monthly training and motivation workshops, and actively participate in the proceedings, however this is not compulsory
  11. An Advocate who has enrolled in EcoGOLD, this expires on day 456 from the date they registered as an EcoForce Global Advocate. The EcoGOLD Graduate will have no further access to the EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards from that date. However, an EcoGOLD Graduate may choose to participate as an EcoGOLD Alumni to continue to benefit from the training, support, and benefits, of the EcoGOLD Program at a reduced monthly subscription.
  12. Tree sales that contribute toward each EcoGOLD Bonus Reward are calculated from the date the Advocate registers with EcoForce Global, not from the date they enrol in EcoGOLD. Therefore, there are significant benefits to start promoting trees as soon as an Advocate registers with EcoForce. However, the Advocate must enrol in EcoGOLD within 90 days of registering as an Advocate to receive any EcoGOLD Bonus Reward achieved.
  13. Any taxes, postage, or transfer costs for any EcoGOLD Bonus Reward achieved are paid for in addition to the EcoGOLD Bonus Reward by EcoForce Global as a gift to the successful Advocate.
  14. Any Advocate who has not enrolled in EcoGOLD and cancels their registration and re-registers as an Advocate at a later date, has forfeited their opportunity to participate in EcoGOLD. Any Advocate found to fraudulently attempt to register as a new Advocate to access EcoGOLD for another attempt, may result in all their Advocate accounts being cancelled and may forfeit any Rewards.
  15. EcoForce Global reserves the right to change any EcoGOLD Bonus Reward and replace such with a similar value Bonus Reward.
  16. EcoForce Global reserves the right to cancel an Advocate’s registration and/or EcoGOLD enrolment when unscrupulous, unacceptable, unethical, or illegal behaviour has been identified.
  17. The EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are in addition to what an EcoForce Global Advocate can achieve with the Advocate Rewards Program. There is no guarantee that each Advocate will achieve all the EcoGOLD Rewards as this is determined by the actions of the participating Advocate, and the actions of their teams.