Fundraising Program – How it works for Affiliates

EcoForce Global’s fundraising opportunity provides all Affiliates with the chance to help not for profits, schools and organisations generate income from the sale of trees.

How the program works for Affiliates.

The Background: There are hundreds of thousands of NFP ( Not for Profits), schools and organisations around the world who want to raise funds. EcoForce has a unique way for them to do that and earn $11 AUD per tree sold. This program will help boost your income from the compensation plan and includes great leverage.

So how does it work for me as an Affiliate?

As an Affiliate you earn $11 AUD when you sell a tree as retail income and $11 as Personal Sales Bonus (PSB). When you run a fundraisier with an NFP/School or Organsiation they will earn your $11AUD retail income.

You will still earn the PSB on every sale and the points per tree will also be allocated 100% to you. Your full upline will also benefit from these tree sales.

Instead of paying you the retail income each week we’ll pay that to the NFP/School or Organisation thus not requiring you to treat it as personal income and expense. We will make a manual adjustment to your bonus cheque to deduct the donation to the NFP/School or Organsiation.

Every NFP/School or Organsiation you sign up to a fundraising program can earn money from the sale of each tree.

Before you contact the NFP/School or Organsiation, enter the url of teh fundraising page on your personal web page  into this form. Add your email address and we’ll send you a personalised version ofour PDF brochure about the program helping you receive credit for the referral.