25 Cents A Day

As a man, a husband and a father –

I believe my legacy is to leave the world a better place than I inherited. I’m not a believer or denier of climate change, what I am though is a concerned citizen.

I believe our earth and its weather are changing. I look at our earth and think that over the last 50 years we’ve been on this amazing food eating fest. Our world has changed, we eat more, we build more, we burn more, we pollute more, we do everything to excess. Now we’re bursting at the seams and we need a diet. So I started reading and over the last 2 years I’ve read some amazing statistics about our planet and what we can do to help it lose a few tonnes of carbon.

So here are some interesting points.

Carbon Neutral estimates that 15 trees can absorb one tonne of carbon dioxide, so 20 million trees will be able to absorb around 1.3 million tonnes. However, when you consider that humans pollute the atmosphere with 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, it only makes a small dent. Nov 1, 2019

The Exponential Roadmap produced by an international group of experts, including Stanford Earth system scientist Rob Jackson, has published a roadmap of the most viable solutions for slashing greenhouse gas emissions globally by 2030.

One of many comments was, “But avoiding deforestation, in addition to reforestation and improved land management is a significant opportunity to reduce and sequester greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The authors estimate nature-based solutions could be used to sequester around 9 billion tons of CO2 annually by 2030.”

Christiana Figueres, former head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Convenor of Mission 2020, a partner organization in the roadmap, said, “I see all evidence that social and economic tipping points are aligning. We can now say the next decade has the potential to see the fastest economic transition in history. The 2019 Exponential Roadmap is an excellent guide for the necessary journey to net-zero emissions.”

Why 25 Cents a Day?

The challenge with repairing our climate is not that people don’t want to do it. Most recognise there is an issue. The challenge is two fold.

What could one person do that would have such a profound affect to cause change?


Too many, it hasn’t affected them yet so why would they worry about it?

The first answer is 1 person plus 1 person = 2 and plus 2 more = 4 and so on. Collectively we can make change , it takes one person to start the process.

The second answer is that it is affecting us all now. Insurance premiums, the cost of housing, cost of food, droughts cause food shortages and price movements, bushfires destroy houses and communities and farmland, floods destroy businesses, homes and more.

All these cost each of us now and are projected to cost more each year.

If each of us on the planet committed just 25 cents per day per year, EcoForce could plant 7.8 Billion Trees on farmland around the world, and reverse the affects of carbon pollution and reverse global warming and all its subsequent effects.

So just 25 cents a day will help purchase a tree that will capture carbon and help farmers repair their land to capture billions of tonnes of carbon and repair our planet.

Come with me, so we can each “do our bit” together. Buy a tree or help us build a business to supply all these trees.

Charles Alder