Join Our Tree Clubs

Have you joined one of teh worlds most important clubs? If not then it is time to support the planet and become a member of EcoForce Tree Club.

We have a number of different tree clubs, all recognising your contribution to our mision to plant billions of trees and The introduction of tree clubs is a way to help you and your teams grow your sales revenues and incomes. So let’s explain each of them for you

We’ve introduced the Tree Club concept to show you and your teams what can be achieved if each new Affiliate or even customers commit to purchasing trees on a subscription basis each month when they first purchase trees.

At the reduced price of $7.70 AUD it’s possible people could be purchasing greater numbers of trees if they broke them down into monthly payments. One tree at $84.70 could be replaced with 5 trees at $38.50 AUD which could well be a monthly subscription and for you as a sponsor it increases your revenues over the 12 months.

When you introduce a Affiliate to the business this is the most basic of tree clubs. Everybody should be purchasing a tree and doing it on a monthly basis is the most cost effective.

At $7.70 AUD it is a bargain. 1 Tree = 1 Point per month over 12 months and your income is paid out monthly but at 1/11 of the single tree sale.

Now we’re starting to talk a about a little more commitment for our new Affiliates, every body should be able to afford 2 trees on subscription each month.
2 Trees = 2 Points per month over 12 months and your income is paid out monthly but at 1/11 of the single tree sale.

As an Affiliate or customer increases their monthly commitment, revenues rise as do points
5 Trees = 5 Points per month over 12 months and your income is paid out monthly but at 1/11 of the single tree sale.

Now you just need 5 customers on top of your (Affiliate 5 tree purchase per month) to help you qualify as an Affiliate in the compensation plan.
At $38.50 AUD it is a great commitment. 5 Trees = 5 Points per month

Now with 10 trees being personally purchased by an Affiliate, points and incomes are growing.
By starting the business at this point, duplication of this level will grow team volume and all bonuses grow substantially.

At this level customers are likely to follow you lead and ask you what you did to start your business and feel compelled to make the same commitment. Now you need just two customers who make a similar commitment like you and you’ll reach the affiliate level in the compensation plan each month for the next 12 months allowing you to focus on helping you team grow their sales.

At $77.00 AUD its a great commitment. 10 Trees = 10 Points per month

This level in the business begins to build significant duplication, massive sales growth and exciting new qualifications.
As a member of the 20 trees club you’ve personally committed to purchasing 20 trees a year personally. As a leader in the business, new Affiliates and customers will ask you what you did to get started in the business. Now you have a chance to share with these people your commitment and they to may decide to join at the same commitment level.

This is significant because if each person on the planet planted 17 trees each we could 100% zero carbon emissions.
This level will see you earn 20 Points per month just from your own commitment but more importantly you’ll start to make some great money.
At $154.00 AUD its a great commitment. 20 Trees = 20 Points per month

Ok now we’re serious. This club level sees you qualifying on personal consumption alone at the Influencer level in the compensation plan. Once duplication kicks in you’ll see your team grow their sales significantly and your income begin to blossom.

These 50 points per month from personal consumption allow you to focus on building the team.
At $385 AUD it is a great commitment. 50 Trees = 50 Points per month