Welcome to EcoGOLD

Your payment has been processed and you are now eligible for EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards.

A payment will be deducted each month for the remaining period of your EcoGOLD program..

To maintain your eligibility to EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards you will need to

1/ Maintain 30 Points of trees sales per month.
2/ Ensure your monthly subscription fee of $29.95 AUD is met.

Welcome to Your EcoGOLD Program … it’s time to Go for GOLD!

Step 1. Familiarise yourself with your EcoMastery Success Program. In particular, use Module 1.4 Getting Started as your blueprint for success

Step 2. Complete your Honour Roll and identify your PEARLS. Role Play with your Referring Affiliate to learn ways to contact others PRIOR to reaching out to them and sharing the EcoForce Global Opportunity.

Step 3. Look to recruit a team of 4 to 5 (or more) Affiliates who want to join you with EcoGOLD. Aim to meet regularly to help, support and encourage each other … this is a TEAM effort. (Together Everyone Achieves More.)

Step 4. Tap into ALL the training available, including the Monthly Training and Motivation Events. Set these dates in your calendar and aim to attend all, if possible. As an EcoGOLD Member, you can attend all Events live at a discounted rate. If unable to attend live, you can participate via zoom.

Step 5. Watch, listen to, and take notes of ALL the additional short training videos that will be sent to your email inbox. These are exclusive to those on the EcoGOLD Program.

Step 6. Set clear goals and deadlines of what YOU want to achieve on your EcoGOLD journey. What EcoGOLD Bonus Rewards are you aiming for? What can YOU achieve for the duration of your EcoGOLD Program, and what income are YOU aiming for? Be specific and set dates. Then work backwards to take the required actions TODAY. Refer to Module 5.2 Your Goals and Dreams of your EcoMastery Success Program to help with achieving Your Goals.

Step 7. Take MASSIVE ACTION and ENJOY the journey. A day without action is a day lost. It’s all about what YOU can create in the time you have left for your EcoGOLD Program. Every tree sold helps the planet … every tree sold in your organisation is a step closer to achieving ALL that is on offer.

May the EcoFORCE be with YOU!

Your first EcoGOLD video …