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Your tree can become billions of trees and improve farm soil and local water cycle, replace lost habitats, and capture carbon.

Imagine lungs taking in carbon dioxide (CO2) and with the help of the sun, grow storage facilities to house that carbon. As a by-product, these lungs release oxygen, sustaining and helping our planet’s ecosystem flourish.

These incredible lungs are our trees, the storage facilities are the branches, the trunks, and the soil they sit in, while their leaves release the oxygen.

An amazing synergy, but our planet’s lungs are struggling and that’s where EcoForce Global can help, with your help, we can plant billions of trees, one tree at a time.

EcoForce Global Co-Founder and CEO, Charles Alder said our climate is changing and the scientific as well as physical proof is mounting 1, and our planet can be helped, one tree at a time.

“We are pouring too much CO2 into the atmosphere for our trees to keep up,” Charles said. “Added to this, we continue to clear land of vegetation, daily 3.

“At EcoForce, we’re helping farmers by planting trees on their farmland. This is the most effective way to capture carbon because the trees start the process and the farmers’ soils store the carbon. Charles explained how every every individual person or organisation can be a part of the #BuyATree campaign.

“For $84.70 per tree, your purchase includes the planting, support and relevant care to ensure the longevity and health of every tree. This includes watering and protection from the elements for two years to assist each tree to reach maturity,” Charles said. “You also become an EcoForce Tree Club Member.”

“Your purchase also funds the farmers’ adoption or expansion of Regenerative Ag farming principles based upon a $4 per tree, per year allocation.”

Added to this, every six months over the two years, farmers are required to report into EcoForce Global an image of the tree and a scan of the tree’s QR code (includes location). The image is then sent to the customer who purchased the tree for planting.

“Your trees will improve the soil, help replace lost habitats, improve the local water cycle, capture carbon, and educate and expand Regeneration Ag farming principles.”

To purchase your tree and become a Tree Club Member, go to EcoForce Tree Club

To learn more about EcoForce Global’s #BuyATree campaign and the work being done to assist farmers and the land, go to

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Contact: EcoForce Global CEO Charles Alder – M: 0410 714 379 | E:

About EcoForce Global:

EcoForce Global is a Tree Planting and Land Regeneration Company founded by Rural Aid Co-Founders, Charles and Tracy Alder. Our mission is to capture and store carbon through trees, vegetation, and soil, in partnership with Farmers. Regenerative Agriculture and associated farming methods are at the forefront in improving farming viability globally.

The growing demands from consumers for a more sustainable and higher quality produce is driving these advancements. EcoForce Global is a pivotal partner in the agriculture sector, driving higher Regeneration Ag adoption rates. To learn more about EcoForce Global and the work being done to assist Farmers and the land, go to

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