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Hi, Charles here.

I have something important to share and would appreciate just 6 minutes of your time?

Over recent times I’ve become more and more aware of how the way we treat and relate to our environment changes our lives. It can either severely disrupt or can deeply empower your life, our businesses and our ability to thrive

We see the symptoms clearly in how we relate to and deal with natural disasters like hurricanes, floods droughts and bushfires. Every one of these changes can cost us a lot, for example, repairs for Hurricane Ian could cost up to $100 billion US Dollars.

Failure to work with our natural environment leads to business disruption, by limiting supplies and restricting supply chains. Even more importantly, food production for all of us is being decimated in its quality.

Today vast areas of world food production are in crisis. Farmers are losing their crops and animals to drought and floods, and the cost of farming is exploding, only pushing prices higher for all of us as consumers.

I’m concerned for myself and my family and so I’ve decided to do something about it. Something that is easy to do, is fulfilling and that really works in connecting us back to our environment whatever our circumstances.

I’ve partnered with EcoForce Global to plant billions of trees around the world in partnership with farmers to help them become more sustainable and profitable. If we don’t have farmers, what will we all eat?

The company is founded by an Australian couple, Charles and Tracy Alder who have raised over $100 million for farmers and know the challenges farmers are facing. This tree planting mission will help balance C02 in our atmosphere, helping reduce the imbalance we now face and help farmers improve their lands.

Trees regulate the water table, provide jobs, support wildlife habitats, improve soil quality, prevent erosion, provide shade, supply oxygen for us all to breathe, as well as capture carbon to help restore balance to our planet.
They also speak deeply to our body and soul by providing environments where we can rest, relax, be creative, find balance, open to inspiration and thrive.

My personal goal is to plant 1,000,000 trees.
My reason for joining EcoForce is…

“As CEO of EcoForce, I'm on a personal mission to make a difference to our planet. Our planet needs all the help we can give it to correct the in balances man has created over the last 50 years.

When we plant trees, it's not just about capturing carbon. Of course it's about the trees, it's about the soil, the animals, the eco system, flora, fauna and all of nature. Trees are an amazing starting point in eco repair.

Come and join me on my quest. Let's save our planet, One Tree at a Time.“

Have a quick look at this video.

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Buy a Tree

One Tree

$ AUD 84.70

Every tree purchased is planted on farmland to help capture carbon and repair soils.

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One Tree

$ AUD 7.70 x 12mths

Each package includes a tree, the planting, a tree guard, fertiliser, water catchment mat and care for 2 years.

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If you have any questions or would like to talk more with me about the opportunity