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As our planet faces growing climatic challenges and the debate rages about Net Zero dates, giving a tree to your loved one could be the step everyday Australians take to consider planet earth this Valentine’s Day.

EcoForce Australia CEO and Rural Aid Co-Founder, Charles Alder said Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for every Australians to show our country as well as their Valentine a bit of love by buying a tree to plant on farmland.

“This will help our farmers capture carbon and provide a major boost to land repair, after the recent drought and ongoing tough conditions,” Charles Alder said. 

“EcoForce Australia’s singular mission is to plant trees en masse with farmers across the country to capture millions of tonnes of carbon while also improving land resistance to future disasters.”

After leaving Rural Aid and with their understanding of rural Australia’s needs, Charles and Tracy Alder recognized that through tree planting and improved land and soil management practices, it would be possible to reduce the effects of drought and improve farm incomes to create a buffer to erratic business conditions.

“EcoForce Australia has already earmarked over 200,000 acres of land for planting and land repair programs,” Charles Alder said. “Increasing trees and carbon levels in soil will help reduce water run-off in storms, increase soil penetration of water and allow greater grass growth through microbial activity.** All important to recovering and mitigating future disasters by improving land resilience.

Charles explained that recent advances in carbon measurement technology and improved farm management practices are allowing Australian farmers to be at the forefront of drawing down millions of tonnes of carbon for all our benefit. 

So, Australians, this Valentine’s Day, show your love by giving a rose to a love one and a tree for our country.

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About EcoForce Australia:

EcoForce Australia is a direct selling company founded by Rural Aid Co-Founders, Charles and Tracy Alder, whose mission is to capture and store carbon through trees, vegetation and soil, in partnership with farmers. Regenerative Agriculture and associated farming methods are at the forefront of improving farming viability around the world and the growing demands of consumers for more sustainable and higher quality foods is driving these advancements. EcoForce Australia is a pivotal partner in the agriculture sector driving higher Regen Ag adoption rates. To learn more about EcoForce Australia and the work being done to assist farmers and the land, go to