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EcoForce Australia is excited to announce a partnership with plastic oceans Australasia to bring national curriculum materials to school children across Australia.

Kelp trees are the super trees of our planet. Able to draw in 10 times the amount of C02 compared to land based trees, kelp in our oceans in a fundamental building block of sustainable oceans.

Our oceans have ever been more acidic than they are today. These increased levels are totally attributed to the amount of C02 in our atmosphere which is being absorbed into our oceans which cover 71% of our planet.

The planting of kelp trees will help restore fish colonies, vast numbers of marine animals and draw massive amounts of C02 from our waters. This long term project to plant kelp especially in waters off Tasmania and Western Australia will help restore vital habits destroyed through hot flushes of warm water since 2008.

Our project with Plastic Oceans Australasia will help educate children about the value of our marine life and the important building block that kelp provides to sustain marine life and ecosystems.

Schools can apply for resource materials through this link.