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Press Release
24th November 2022

Australian coastal seabeds, home of the worlds only two sea dragons are in danger of disappearing due to ocean temperature rises. Australian children are being asked to put their time towards naming and designing a new ocean mascot to spearhead a program to grow kelp and raise awareness about the fragile marine ecosystems surrounding Australia’s Ocean

EcoForce Australia and Plastic Oceans Australasia will deliver an Australian first to schools in 2023, a national curriculum unit called “Forests of the Ocean” that will dovetail into the existing curriculum to help teach children the value of our marine ecosystems and how interlinked we are to ocean health.

The mascot, a sea dragon will be used to engage students with the curriculum set pieces linking the life of the sea dragon to the health of the oceans, food systems, biodiversity, pollution and sustainability. There are only two sea dragons found in the world, both in Australian waters.

The mascot will also be used by EcoForce Australia to promote the sale of kelp trees to be planted in oceans to draw C02 from ocean waters and help rebalance our oceans. Charles Alder CEO of EcoForce Australia said “the future of our planet is in the hands of our children. Engagement by children and young people at COP27showed they a re will be to do what has to be done to save our environment. We must ensure they learn the how the health of the ocean affects us all, weather, food systems, and not just about Australian waters but international affects of the actions we each take. There is a massive need for kelp plantations and having children involved in the process is very exciting.

Plastic Oceans Australasia CEO Ricki Hersburgh said “This is a wonderful embellishment for students studying marine ecosystems and how they can assist to regenerate natural habitats which offset GHG emissions. The new resources sit alongside our existing POA programs that teach children about stopping plastic waste from entering our ocean”

The mascot competition runs for 4 weeks from November 22nd till December 15th with the winner receiving a family pass for 4 to a local aquarium and the honour of naming and colouring for the mascot. Listed entrants will also be able to nominate their school for the launch phase of the curriculum roll out for 2023

Entries and more information can be found at

About EcoForce Australia
An ambition to plant One billion trees/kelp plants by 2030 drives EcoForce Australia. Our partnerships with Australian farmers to plant native trees and support the adoption of Regenerative Agriculture (wholistic farm management) and the drawdown of C02 and the Climate Foundation to plant kelp on ocean platforms to sequester C02 from highly acidic and dying oceans places us at the forefront of C02 reduction strategies. Our corporate and consumer clients support tree/kelp planting ventures to support ESG obligations and a personal desire to support planet repair.

Media Contact
Charles Alder

About Plastic Oceans Australasia
POA is an environmental non-for-profit organisation that works throughout Australasia. Its mission is to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’.

Media Contact:
Patricia Lee
Marketing and Communications Manager
Plastic Oceans Australasia