Press Release
16th September 2021

In these times, we can’t forget our planet – our home. The experts and data show climate change is happening, and we need everyone to reverse this for our children’s and their children’s sake. This is why EcoForce Global is asking our city dwellers to unite with our farmers, to be Advocates, to help save our planet and reverse climate change by planting trees on farms. EcoForce Global CEO and Co-founder, Charles Alder said EcoForce Global Advocates are paid commission for each tree they sell on behalf of the organisation that is then planted on one of the farms we are supporting. “As Co-founder and former CEO of Rural Aid, I’ve seen first-hand the devastation that climate change has brought on our farmers and rural Australia. The drought, then fires and floods in recent years saw many farmers having to sell or destroy their livestock and growers watch their crops die as the earth become unsustainable. It was heart breaking,” Charles Alder said. “Our Advocates are on the frontline as entrepreneurs fighting climate change. Our program treats them as affiliate marketers, paid $22 commission for each tree they sell, and they can also recruit others to join their team as an affiliate and then be paid a small commission on their recruit’s tree sales.” Charles said this a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to be part of the action to reverse climate change while trying out their entrepreneurial spirit and giving back to the farmers who support us by putting food on our tables during the good and challenging times. “The more trees planted on a farm will improve the soil, help replace lost habitats, improve the local water cycle, capture carbon, and educate and expand Regeneration Ag farming principles,” Charles said. “Trees purchased fund the farmers’ adoption or expansion of Regenerative Ag farming principles based upon a $4 per tree, per year allocation. “Besides Australia, we are also recruiting Advocates in many countries around the world – USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Rwanda, Nigeria, China, Philippines, India and Nepal. “Our planet needs billions of trees planted and we need millions of Advocates to sell those trees to ensure our farmers’ land improve and to help reverse climate change. “This is a fantastic way to earn income while also assisting our farmers and our planet’s future. All an Advocate needs to do is share a link to sell a tree and share EcoForce Global’s Mission.” To learn more about becoming an EcoForce Advocate, go to our Become an Advocate page.

Climate Change – Australia and Global

In Australia, our climate has warmed around 1°C since 1910, increasing extreme heat events – droughts and fires, including the length of the fire seasons – which we have experienced in very recent times¹ Our annual rainfall, since 1990, in southwest of Australia between April and October has declined by around 16% and at the same time, southeast Australia has seen a decline by around 12%¹ There has been an increase in extreme fire weather, and in the length of the fire season, across large parts of the country since the 1950s, especially in southern Australia. There has been a decrease in the number of tropical cyclones observed in the Australian region since 1982. Globally, the world is warming, sea levels are rising, Pacific islands are drowning, and their inhabitants have become climate refugees. According to NASA Global Climate Change, sea level rise is caused primarily by two factors caused by global warming: the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of seawater as it warms. Since the late 1970s, Arctic Sea ice has decreased by about 40% and from 2014, Antarctic Ice started to decline reaching a record low in 2017² Globally averaged air temperature at the Earth’s surface has warmed by over 1°C since reliable records began in 1850. Each decade since 1980 has been warmer than the last, with 2010–19 being around 0.2 °C warmer than 2000–09. The world’s oceans, especially in the southern hemisphere, are taking up around 90 per cent of the extra energy resulting from enhanced greenhouse gas concentrations¹. Concentrations of all the major long-lived greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are the highest level seen on Earth in at least two million years, and continue to increase, with global annual mean carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations reaching 410 ppm in 2019 and the CO2 equivalent (CO2-e) of all greenhouse gases reaching 508 ppm¹. Research and articles:
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    Contact: EcoForce Global CEO Charles Alder – M: 0410 714 379 | E: Farmer Testimonial J and N Macdonald – Binnaway NSW We  feel the Tree Planting Project is an opportunity to regenerate some of our land effected by drought, flood and land erosion. Our choice in trees was influenced by the natural vegetation that currently exist on the land to extend the Koala corridor in the area, attracting native bees, and to eventually provide shade and feed for stock. The trees will also stabilize soil, minimizing erosion into an adjacent natural waterway, improve the pasture and help to restore the environment for wildlife. About EcoForce Global: EcoForce Global is a Tree Planting and Land Regeneration Company founded by Rural Aid Co-Founders, Charles and Tracy Alder. Our mission is to capture and store carbon through trees, vegetation, and soil, in partnership with Farmers. Regenerative Agriculture and associated farming methods are at the forefront in improving farming viability globally. The growing demands from consumers for a more sustainable and higher quality produce is driving these advancements. EcoForce Global is a pivotal partner in the agriculture sector, driving higher Regeneration Ag adoption rates. To learn more about EcoForce Global and the work being done to assist Farmers and the land, go to Media Links #BuyaTree image EcoForce Global Logo