I'm writing today to share with you my personal and our corporate support for Regen Ag & Sustainable farming practices.

EcoForce wants to plant billions of trees to capture CO2 and support the earths eco system. Our company is founded by people passionate about agriculture and responsible for raising $100 million to support drought, bushfire and flood affected farmers across Australia. Our mission now is to repair the planet in partnerships with farmers, draw down CO2 and repair farmlands across the world.

Most people understand the value of trees. Consumers have a great understanding, engaging consumers in climate repair can sometimes be difficult, often ladened with politics but the simple act of buying a tree to have it planted for them to do their bit is easy enough to explain. An idea similar to this helped raise the $100 million.

Our offer to landholders is this. If you partner with us an and allow us to plant the right trees, chosen through consultation with you on your land to suit your operations and conditions,

We will..
  • Measure where possible, your soil carbon levels to set a benchmark for carbon credits,
  • Supply the trees. ( Min 2500 trees),
  • Either pay you or someone else to plant the trees,
  • Enter into a two year partnership to help cover the costs for your adoption or advancement into new regen practices at a set dollar per tree amount,
  • Allow the trees to be counted 100% towards your carbon credit calculations,
  • We'll measure again where possible, your soil to calculate the increased stored carbon amount.
We're taking pro active action to connect with landholders around the world who can help reduce CO2 and improve their farming businesses viability through the adoption of new / old practices.

If you'd like to find our more, please register here

Thanks for your time and congratulations on your efforts to make farming more sustainable and help repair our planets eco system

Charles Alder
EcoForce Global
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